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The Students Representative Council (SRC) of Islamic University College, Ghana is part of the three arm of the student’s governance on campus. The SRC is responsible for the day to day running of the affairs of the students of the University. The SRC Executives are voted to occupy various offices in the administration for one academic year.

The SRC has an official slogan and insignia RECTITUDEFORTITUDECERTITUDE, supporting a star wound with a rope that is pulled by two hands from the right and left of the star. The rope further extends from both hands to join at the top of the star, and SRC IUCG ripped on top. These logos signifies intra and inter religious coexistence and no separatist approach to issues, dedication to the quest for academic excellence, surety in the adherence to upholding principles of moral uprightness and patriotism. The official colors of the SRC IUCG is green; and white signifying rectitude, in the Islamic context; yellow signifying fortitude, in the African context and white signifying certitude in a general context.


  • Represents students in all matters affecting either the students or the council
  • Advance and defend the educational, cultural, sporting, social and general interest and welfare and or rights of the IUCG studentry by striving for a just standard of general welfare and services for all students, regardless of race, tribe, religion and sex
  • Foster communication between student, the college authorities and other stakeholders within and outside the college.
  • Create platforms for students and student structures for the achievement of common goals, and assist in dispute resolution amongst students and student structures including the various constituent of the SRC structure of governance; and thus serve as an effective forum for the expression of student ideas and sentiments.
  • Become with various students organizations of the college and the society in the pursuit of common interest; especially in the establishment of a just, moral, and self governing society
  • Instill patriotism among the student of the college
  • Instill in student the need to develop the willingness and desire to serve among the college studentry for the welfare of society
  • Act in ways possible to aid in fulfillment of the mission statement of the college
  • Advocate intra and inter religious coexistence inside and outside the college


Ensuring a conducive atmosphere for pursuance of academic curriculum, good student governance, and establishment of excellent relationship between internal and external student structures


Conforming to the mission statement, we conceive of a fulfilling future career for the IUCGian


As the students representative counci, l we are to embark on certain activates that will in the long run benefit the studentry both on campus and after the completion their education. These are extra curriculum activities designed and being executed by the SRC IUCG in the first semester of the academic calendar and as well as the second semester of the academic calendar. For these reason we have been able to organize some activates to entertain, inform and educate the student at various levels. Among these activities are:


We have been able improve upon the already existing learning facilities by providing public address system in the major class classes, making sure lecturers are always on time, new podiums being mounted and up to date world class technology projectors for each class. We also made sure in our own small way to update and upgrade the already existing school website that is by putting pressure on the administrators to fix it. It is now packed with update information surrounding the school, issues of admissions, school calendar, etc.

Student Welfare

Currently we are embarking on a project that is 95 percent complete. we have entered in some handsome agreement with the giant telecommunication company Vodafone Ghana to provide us with one of their services call the Vodafone red business, with this product all the Islamic university student with be put on one platform and this comes with some serious benefits like making of free call among ourselves and again it comes with internet bundles to help students with their research and it also comes along with a lot of benefits for the students. Again we have been able to make the students loan facility more flexible and easy to acquire by bringing certain banks on campus to help student acquire the EZWICH card instantly which is a requirement for registration for the loan facility. Currently we are bringing staffs from the SSNIT office to also help students with acquiring the SSNIT cards. Again we have been able to equip our junior common room with the necessary logistics to entertain students on campus.


This year’s sports activities were indeed unprecedented in the history of sports so far as Islamic University College is concerned. We made sure various sports men were really prepared psychological and mentally before any major games. They were given the needed logistics and attention they needed to excel in the various sport disciplines. Before our appearance to the years private universities games and festival we have already chop some major successes in some tournament including the recent one organized by the SRC of valley View university in celebrating their SRC week. Again as part of the preparation the school football team played a match which the MTN soccer academy boys which was showed live on metro TV. After all this we made our appearance at the games and we really left behind blue prints in all the disciplines we partook in with the major successes coming from the athletic team which the women won the gold medal in the 100 meters race, volley ball also claimed a bronze medal and again the in area of the men’s high jump we claim the silver medal. We are again putting measures in place to make sure we get adequate sporting facilities for our sportsmen for the sports development on campus.


The SRC has been able to organize lot educative, informative and entertaining programs on campus and outside campus. This is to prepare our student for what awaits them in the corporate world. Through this we have been able to put the school on the map so far as publicity is concerned. We got ourselves involved in different media programs like the standpoint and other student’s programs on radio with the recent one on pink fm in Kasoa in the Central Region.

Future Plans

We again have some major programs we are yet to execute and very soon these programs will see the light of the day. These programs include the hall week celebration and the NUGS week celebration to mention but a few. As a reminder we are 90 percent complete so far purchasing the SRC bus is concerned.


The  SCR executive members consist of:

Alhassan Mahama (SRC President)


Alhassan hails from Bole in the Savanna Region. Currently, he lives with his small family at Damango. Alhassan Mahama Kurabaso is a passionate and industrious young man with honesty and integrity as his hallmark. He is born to a Gonja man from Bole in the Savanna region and a Dagomba woman from Tolon in the Northern Region. Business Senior High School (BISCO) Tamale, is his Alma Mater. His personal philosophy is achieving greatness through prayers, hard work, focus and determination. His love for advocacy for students got him started on a political career way back in his primary days, where he served as the General Prefect in Afo Primary School in the Savanna Region. He proceeded to Yabum Junior High School also in the Savanna Region where he was again elected as the School prefect. Also at the Business Senior High School (BISCO) Tamale, he contested and became the General Prefect.He is currently the Students Representative Council (SRC) President of the Islamic University College, Ghana. He loves to play tennis because of the moral lesson it teaches; that, it`s not about trying to reach a finish line the fastest, or performing a routine to perfection; it`s about constantly critiquing your own game and taking sole responsibility for the outcome in your life while simultaneously responding to your other indicators. What inspires him to render whatever human service, is in summary, PASSION. This is because of the extra mile it takes to go and achieve the best outcome in everything he does.He hopes to be a Philanthropist, an Entrepreneur and a Banker. He is Resilient, and he rests not.


 viceP1Isssifu Adams (SRC Vice President)

  • I am Issifu Adams. I attended Afoko Junior High and Sandema Secondary Technical School in Sandema (Upper East Region). I continued to the Winneba Police Training School (Central Region) and have since been with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, where I have risen to the rank of Inspector. I am currently a Communication Studies student of the Islamic University College, Ghana, majoring in Public Relations. I am the SRC Vice President. Biking is my hobby.

    The Secretary


    Mohammed Osman (SRC General Secretary)Mohammed Osman, also known as B.Moshie is the second child of GSECsix children to his parents. His family comes from Tamale but currently lives at Aboabo in Kumasi. Osman is a simple and principled young man with great determination. He is a time conscious person who respects the views of others, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, etc. to ensure equal opportunity. He had his primary and junior high school education at Nasru-Deen Islamic School in Kumasi. He attended Tijjaniya Secondary School at Asokore in the Ashanti Region where he read General Arts. His passion to serve his colleagues started at the junior high where he became a section leader. He was elected as the Library Prefect at Tijjaniya Senior high School and also served as the GMSA financial Secretary. He is currently a student of Islamic University College, Ghana, pursuing Business Administration, majoring in Human Resource Management and also serving as the General Secretary for Students` Representative Council (SRC). He is a young energetic young man, who loves playing football. Hard work and determination are his hallmark.



Fatimatu Issah (SRC P.R.O)

Fatimatu Issah was born on 21st December, 1996 at Apraponso in the Western Region of Ghana. She had her primary education at new Oxford Prepatory School (at Manso Wassa) and Al- Azariya Islamic Basic School (Effiankuma) . She then furthered her education at Apiminyim Junior High School in Agona Nkwanta, where she sat for her basic education certificate examination in 2012, and continued to Nsien Senior High School where she obtained her WASSCE certificate in 2015. She then proceeded to Islamic University College, Ghana in 2017. She is currently pursuing Business Administration and specializing in Accounting.


Financial Secreatry

sec1Mohammed Sanusi Danakabu, is a self-motivated, dedicated and innovative young man. He was born and bred in Navrongo in the Upper East Region,where he had his primary and junior high school education at Abatey School and Sun Life Educational Center respectively. He then proceeded to Bolgatanga Senior High School (BIG BOSS) where he had his secondary education. His political ambition started when he was in primary school where he was elected Compound Prefect and l assistant school prefect later as Assistant School Prefect. At Big Boss, he was elected President of the Ghana Moslem Students Association (GMSA). He is currently serving as the SRC Financial Secretary of this noble institution. He believes we all have a duty to make our country a better place for us all.

Together let us make a change.


The Womens’s Commissioner(Wocom)


Amina Iddrisu is a young and courageous lady with highly confident spirit as her hallmark.

She was born in Saltpond, in the central part of Ghana to Mr. and Mrs. Iddrisu, and she’s the last born of six children. She attended St. Albans Anglican Basic School, Tema; and continued to sturdy Home Science in Presbyterian Senior High School (Tema Presec). At St. Albans, she was a section leader.

Amina is currently a third year Business Administration student in this noble Institution, Islamic University College, Ghana. In her first year, she contested for the Miss Islamic University (Hijabister) and emerged as the Second runner up, making her a Hijab ambassador on campus. She became a member of the SRC 2018/2019 Communication team. She took her leadership aspiration to the next level by occupying the office of the SRC Women`s Commissioner for the 2019/2020 with the aim of championing women issues and making it her top priority.

Her vision is to see the young Muslim girl go far as far as her dream allows her to with education as a vital tool and occupying leadership position in business, politics, etc. She believes highly in this current SRC administration in doing better for the betterment of the students. Together we can make things possible, she says.




I am Ali Sanusi Ali Ahmed, the current Hakim Elahi Hall President. I completed Mfantsipim in 2017 and I’ve been in Islamic University since then. I’m hardworking, adventurous and full of life. I always look forward to bringing out my best and I find Islamic University College, Ghana as offering the best platform and facilities to achieving that.

No other institution compares with Islamic University College, Ghana.

I am a proud IUCGIAN.

                     Life on Campus

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